Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Put the ol' girl down

She was a good truck right up until the frame broke! Yes the little truck that could, can no more. We were moving mulch in our yard with the bobcat(that is all we seem to do anymore these days) and I was backing up the driveway with Paul's trailer full of mulch and "snap", "crackle", "pop".
As you can see from the pictures the left side frame rail ripped and then crushed the right side. No Brian, it was not overloaded!! Yes Sherrie the pictures may not be clear, but trust me it is bad!!

After several visits from the insurance adjuster, yes they insure stupidity and freak incidents, they declare it must have a new frame. In case you need to know a new frame is 6 grand plus 41 hours of labor. We sold the truck to a "guy" and took the money to buy a new truck. And yes it will be a big boy truck this time.

P & L Reunion cont'd7

Action Glamour shots continued...We are awesome! And I told you Cho went hangliding. You didn't believe me, did you?

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P & L Reunion cont'd6

Ok, this is our fabulous, free girls day out at Jockey's Ridge Sand Dunes. We decided to do action Glamour shots. Rachel even hanglided. These are some of the funniest photos ever!

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P & L Reunion cont'd5

Island Time Girls are so cute! Now, P & L Reunions always include a dance off (this one also included limbo). Grandma, how low can you go? And we were there for Easter, so of course, we had to color eggs and have an easter egg hunt. The 4 year olds enjoyed their candy more than anyone.

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P & L Reunion cont'd 4

Ok, so we all have to have a family photo in front of the Hatteras light house. And then, a lot of us climbed it, including Evan. Pretty impressive. You can't be carried, you must climb the whole thing on your own. Notice Rachel in the back ground of our family photo. We didn't even know she was back there. Rachel then got to have her own photo session as a pirate. Finally, we stopped for ice cream on the way home from the ferry. That was a fun day!

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P & L Reunion cont'd3

The three oldest girls took pictures and made movies (now posted on Youtube) most of the time. Except for when they had to take their tapioca stirring turn, of course. And Heather, always amazing in the kitchen, probably preparing something healthy and yummy. Of course, we had some girl-wrestling showdown. Someone always has to show Cho who is boss. I think one of the funniest pictures taken is Troy in the pool with all his personal flotation devices. And Jill and Troy's family were bribed into taking a family picture where no one was actually crying (thanks to the cunning and preparation of Aunt Annie's blow pop purchases).

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P & L Reunion cont'd 2

Well, we came up with some pretty decent outfits this time. Rachel was extremely proud of us. We even had some strangers wanting us to come to the airport to pick them up too. The next day, we came back with all the grandkids to get the rest of the crew to arrive. Everyone had to choose one of Grandpa's hats to wear. Then we were on to the Outer Banks (OBX). Evan and Ethan started us off with hours of sand throwing. I think it might have been their favorite thing after the heated pool.

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